Wednesday, December 3, 2008

easter eggs vs funny genie

I have been asked to explain Vocera easter eggs and funny genie, as well as what administrative controls we have over them. First thing to do is explain what these are and how they are different.

Easter Eggs
WIKIPEDIA tells us that an easter egg is "an intentional hidden message" and one of the most famous ones for Vocera is to issue the command "good bye" to genie to which you will hear the reply "live long and prosper." There are several built into Vocera, but they are all responses to certain commands like the one mentioned above.

If you want to try out a few easter eggs, try commanding genie with these:
- good bye
- beam me up
- beam me down
- shut up

Are we good on what an easter egg is?

Funny Genie
Funny genie is something different, when a user says "turn funny genie on" it enables an alternate set of prompts, instead of Jean or Mark saying "Vocera" you might hear a robotic overlord saying "Vocera, Vocera, Vocera, Vocera" or someone say "Aloha." When funny genie is enabled for a user, that user will be greeted by funny genie every time they press the call button (until they issue the "turn funny genie off" command.)

Sometimes people think this is far to much fun and distracting so they want it all switched off. The good news for those people is that after 4.0sp3 the funny genie can be disabled, good news for the fun lovers is that easter eggs can't be removed or disabled.

If you need to kill funny genie you can read the some old RELEASE NOTES and find the procedure:
  • Fixed: Cannot turn off the funny genie.

    A new SysFunnyGenie property, which enables the funny genie, has been added to the server and is set to true by default. (Issue 5876)

    To turn off the funny genie, add the following property to \vocera\server\Properties.txt on all Vocera Servers and then restart the servers:

    SysFunnyGenie = false

So there you go, if you have any questions (or easter eggs to add to the list) please post them in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

I accidentally made VOCERA play the sex in the city theme song. We have not been able to discover the cue though. One of my co-workers accidentally triggered the chicken dance song while trying to call a code. This has not been repolicated either.

Anonymous said...

As an Administrator, you can remove or change the easter eggs by changing or deleting the .wav files from the server directory. I was able to change the .wav file for "good bye" to Darth Vader's voice.
The funny genie was a different story. I had turned it off using the sytax given and the next time I did a SP upgrade it turned it back on. Instead of having to schedule downtime for 3 hospitals and turn it off again, I simply took one of the Genie's .wav files saying "VOCERA" and copied over each of the funny genie sounds. I also changed the "well alright, I'm turning on the funny" .wav file to the British genie's voice (found on the installation DVD)saying "sorry, funny genie is not available"
The funny genie is actually turned on but no one can hear the funny sounds.

Anonymous said...

It's been a while, i guess no one figured out the Sex in the city or chicken dance command yet :( any other funny ones out there?

shattadem said...

beam me down

Anonymous said...

You can ask vocera where am I and it will give you gps coordinates and you can also ask where someone else is by saying "where is" (name)

Anonymous said...

"where am I" should report back the name of the access point defined in the Vocera database. If no name is defined it will spell out the mac address of the Vocera SSID for that AP. I'm guessing you are experiencing the latter.

Anonymous said...

Hi all.

the sex and the city theme song: this would be an custom addition to your system that your Vocera Admins have created for your site only. It would probably be started by calling some like "call Carrie Bradshaw".
Vocera give details to how to create a number of these custom account for the customers to create their own depending on usage.
Call Bugs Bunny > What's up doc
Call Santa > Christmas song
Call wash your hands > 30 second count down
These custom Easter eggs can by for helping with young
children when they are having an injection or need calming.

The location should also be set up by your Vocera Admins or IT team, they just need to add the location name for the AP.

Please contact Vocera Support for more details on this.

Anonymous said...

"Call Captain Kirk". It works.

Munchy said...

I Stumbled across captain picard by saying "Make It So"

Ellsworth said...

I found a new Vocera trick. Tell Genie to "play the button game"

Anonymous said...

"Who is Mr. Elmo"